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Portland Startup Weekend

Over the weekend I had the great pleasure of attending Portland Startup Weekend.  The The belle of the ball was hashtraffic and the big winner was Shop My Pins. CodeChops formed a team well.  For Friday night pitches I made the bold move of attempting to fish a few windows developers out of the sea of Macs and iOS folks by showing them the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone and saying that “your time has come” to build great apps for this fledgling platform.  I had fun trying to rally the troops and a miracle happened: by the end of the night 2 talented developers and an award winning designer from Fat Cat GameWorks we on board and were cooking up an original game idea.  A Game!  My luck could not have been better.  36 hours and a few energy drinks later they built a very impressive demo you can watch on youtube.  While they were working on that, I wrote a NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) app as well.  So we had not one, but two apps ready for submission to the app store by demo time on Sunday.  I failed to do the customer validation and business planning that the judges like to see for picking winners for the weekend, but I was there to have fun and hone my chops on Windows Phone SDK.  Who knows if CodeChops and Fat Cat will collaborate again, but I know I’m backing them on their kickstarter project and will love playing every game they make.

Here are some grahics from the weekend: